Fun With the Family

1The first probably came in 1568 with the Hennezels who came on contract with Jean Carré. Later Christopher came in 1579 when he murdered his cousin and then in 1588 we find John christening his daughter in Kirdford.
2This is an entirely fictitious place. The name probably originated somewhere in Bohemia before 1390.
3 Tyack is an old cornish word meaning farmer and has nothing to do with our family name.
4 Their skill was in making window glass by the Grand Verre or muff process.
5John Tizacke sailed to Pennsylvannia in 1687.
6 See above.
7 There were no records of the family name in France after about 1650. There appear to be none there now apart from emigrated English people.
8 The Château built by Jean Tyzack can be seen in Relanges near Darney in Lorraine.
9First Tyzacks emigrated to Australia about 1836, South Africa about 1850 (Richard Webber Tyzack), America see above, and Canada Joseph Tysick about 1817.
10The region with most Tyzacks in 17th century was Newcastle. They went there to follow the opportunities offered by Sir Robert Mansell. They had little option; he had a monopoly.
11 There are records of many Tyzacks who were murderers. I can't record them all. Christophe who murdered his cousin Balthazar Hennezel, Charles who murdered the tax man, Eric who in spite of his murder was later made a Baron etc.
12 Tyzacks were one of the four families granted knights' privileges in 1448. The others were Hennezels, Bissevals and Thiétrys.
13Tyzacks were specialists in the MUFF method of glass making. Crown involves spinning ; Their method involved blowing a cylinder and splitting it open.
14 What about Margaret Tyzack then? Her name can be found extensively if you search the internet.
15 It was Sunderland and it was Samuel who gave them money at the beginning of the 20th century. He was a son of William and Mary Keyser in Australia who was left money and a colliery and shipping business by his uncle Samuel in 1874.
16 Yes William Tyzack was a well known Sheffield Tool Company. It was founded by William in 1812 and spawned several other tool companies with the name in the region. There is a museum at Abbeydale to this day which is housed in one of the factories he owned and lived in.
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