Fun With the Family

1First Tyzacks emigrated to England at the end of the 16th Century ~Yes    No
2The Tyzack name originated from a small town in Spain called Tyso ~Yes    No
3 The name Tyack found now in Devon and Cornwall came originally from a corruption of Tyzack ~Yes    No
4 Tyzack family were window glass makers in Lorraine ~Yes    No
5First Tyzack record of emigration to N.America was 16th Century ~Yes    No
6 First Tyzack record of emigration to N.America was 17th Century ~Yes    No
7 All Tyzacks did not leave France/Lorraine ~Yes    No
8 The Château built by Jean Tyzack in Lorraine in 1473 is still there ~Yes    No
9First Tyzacks emigrated to Australia, South Africa, America, and Canada before 1850 ~Yes    No
10The region with most Tyzacks in 17th century was Stourbridge ~Yes    No
11 There are records of many Tyzacks who were murderers ~Yes    No
12 Tyzacks were not one of the four families granted knights' privileges in 1448 ~Yes    No
13Tyzacks were specialists in the crown method of glass making ~Yes    No
14 There have been no well known persons of the name in the entertainment industry ~Yes    No
15 A big football club benefitted from a large financial support from a Tyzack ~Yes    No
16 Tyzack was a well known Sheffield Tool Company ~Yes    No

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quiz updated 11th May 2005
Game updated 24 June 2011

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