Some Tyzack will summaries

  Name From Related to Executor/rix or admin Bequest Left to Died Probate Place
1 Paul Tyzacke Oldswinford Sarah Baker grandau, Bridget Hawkes grandau, Susannah Burlton grandau, Paul Hensey son in law £40 Judith Cole dau,Sarah Rawlens dau, Bridget Baker dau, John Tyzack son, . 1665/07/5 Worcester
2 Zachariah Amblecote Oldswinford Ann, Judith, and Sarah Tyzack sisters Samuel brother Elizabeth wife £34 Mary dau, Elizabeth wife, . 1678/-/- Worcester
3 Paul Tyzacke Hagley   Ann widow £150 Intestate . 1685/-/- Worcester
4 Paul Tyzack Hagley   Zachary Badger father in law Robert Paget cousin £20 John, William, Joseph, and Benjamin (and his heirs for ever!) brothers, Ann sister, . 1694/-/- Worcester
5 Zachary Tyzacke Amblecott Oldswinford   Elizabeth wife, . Intestate inventry signed by Elizabeth wife, Samuel brother and Richard Parry . 1695/-/- Worcester
6 Joseph Oldswinford     £8 Intestate . 1698/-/- Worcester
7 Joseph Hagley   Benjamin Tyzack of Langwith brother >£10 Intestate . 1713/-/- Worcester
8 Elizabeth Tyzack Amblecoat Oldswinford Stafford Edward son Samuel son £14 Samuel, John, gsons, Wlliam Hallen g grandson, Elizabeth Tyzack, Elizabeth Lindon, Elizabeth Phillips, Elizabeth York, gdaus, . 1714/-/- Worcester
9 William Tyzack Hagley   Ann wife, Houses Paul son, William son, Ann wife, . 1716/-/- Worcester
10 John Tyzack St Dunstan's London   Nathan son Unknown intestate in Germany . 1740/-/- .
11 Mary Tyzack Widow of Robert a cooper & freeman of London   Elizabeth Cowell Everything Robert husband, Stephen son, John son abt 6th April 1740 1740/04/16 P.C.C.
12 John Tizack glassmaker & innholder Kingswinford   Elizabeth wife £140 Son Samuel, John son of brother Samuel, John Godwin and John Piddock overseers . 1745/07/29 Lichfield
13 Edward Tyzack Tower Street All Hallows Isaac brother, Stephen son John son. Sarah Fetter sister   Elizabeth Cowell sister, her cildren Benjamin & Sarah, . 1754/-/- P.C.C.
14 John Tizack sythe grinder Abbeydale Norton   Margaret Tyzack wife, Thomas Slack her son Goods and lease Margaret Tyzack wife, Thomas Slack her son . 1756/05/6 Derby
15 Mary Tyzack Church Street Liverpool Widow of Peregrin, a merchant Martha Rawlinson Daughter Middleton Hewetson, Abraham Rawlinson Houses and money in trust for granddaughters Sons, John & Steven abt 12th May 1783 1783/05/13, (Witnesses: Margaret Renshaw, Mary Coxon, Iain Williamson) (Servant Elizabeth Bevely) Court of Canterbury
16 Mark Tyzack scythesmith Four Lane Ends   Paul Tyzack son £300 and Property Paul son, Camdena 2nd wife, Hannah, Francis, Mary Fisher gchildren, Ann Morton daughter, Mark gson . 1795/04/23 Norton
17 William Tyzack maltster Rotherham York   Francis Tyzack wife Properties and <£300 Francis Tyzack wife, Sister in law, Hannah Wadkin servant, . 1803/10/29 Rotherham
18 Paul Dudley Worcester, nail weigher none George Nickeld, Witnesses William Deucy, E. Jessop £40 to J. Horton rest to G. Nickeld John Horton nail weigher of Kidderminster, George Nickeld Glass cutter of Sheffield abt 11th December 1808 16th February 1809 London
19 Mark Tyzack dye sinker Sheffield York Arron, Moses, Joseph sons Judith wife, Arron, Moses £800 Mary Ann dau, Charlotte dau, Arron and moses left the business Joseph to be admitted at 21 1817 1818/09/8 Sheffield
20 Thomas Tyzack farmer Sheffield York   Ann wife Edward son <£200 and properties Edward son, Ann wife, William son, Sarah Norman dau, Mary richardson dau, 1847/09/14 . Sheffield
21 Timothy Tyzack bricklayer No 5 Bowling Green Lane, Marylebone Elizabeth, Wife Elizabeth, Wife Witnesses William Bult, Edward Chamberlain all left to Elizabeth abt 15th June 1831 17th June 1831 Public Record Office
22 Joseph Tyzack yeoman Sheffield Joseph son, Georgiana White dau, Elizabeth dau George Henry Tyzack scale dresser John Bellamy, Mark Tyzack die sinker   George Henry Tyzack 1848/10/20 1855/10/28 Sheffield
23 James Tyzack jeweller and perfumer Wells Norfolk Jane Elizabeth dau wife of John Mark Mary wife William Valentine brother   Mary wife, William Baker Tyzack son (who owed £500), . 1861/08/4 London
24 Thomas (Nurseryman and seedsman) Sharrow Lane Sheffield Mary, Ruth both sisters, Mary, Ruth both sisters, £1,000 Mary & Ruth sisters & spinsters (Surety George Tyzack Gardiner Cutmore Hale Manager Clyde Steel works) 1865/07/17 1865/09/17 Sheffield
25 Mary Tyzack childless widow Wells Norfolk Francis Porter Brother & grocer Granted Probate to Porter £300 Frances Porter grocer . 1872/04/04 Eaton Square Middx.
26 Elizabeth Louisa Tyzack Westoe Durham Isabella Elizabeth Wright daughter Isabella Elizabeth Wright £20 Isabella Elizabeth Wright wife of Charles William Wright engineer 1871/07/3 1872/12/31 Durham
27 Ann Tyzick Greatham Durham William Tysick brother, James Tysick his son, Henry Trisham, Thomas Mark £200 of Greatham Jane Young, Mary Hawe(m)well, Margaret Mark, Sally Waite all nieces 1873/06/21 1873/09/3 Durham
28 Benjamin George North Shields Benjamin Joseph son, Elizabeth Louisa wife, Elizabeth Louisa wife, and George Milburn   Elizabeth Louisa wife, and later by default Isabella Elizabeth Wright daughter 1851/08/22 1873/12/23 North Shields
29 Samuel Tyzack Sunderland in Durham and Sowerby House in York Sarah Spence Tyzack wife, Mary sister, Deborah sister Sarah Spence relict, Mary Tyzack spinster sister, William Branfoot £120,000 Sarah Spence Tyzack his 2nd wife, and bible societies etc.and very many others 1874/05/27 . Sowerby House York
30 Deborah Tyzack of Bishopwearmouth Sister of Samuel Tyzack (27) & brother William Mary Tyzack Sister £5,000 Mary then to nieces Mary Ann & Sarah 1874/07/3 1874/09/15 .
31 Mary Norton, Derbyshire John Tyzack father John Tyzack Gardener £200 of Norton John Tyzack 1874/12/02 1875/02/2 Derby
32 Edward Tyzack Lunatic Asylum Ecclesfield York Batchelor without parents   £200 Samuel Kirk (railway spring maker) and William (Furnaceman) Tyzack brothers, of Sheffield 1875/12/10 . York
33 Joseph Davison Tyzack Easington Grange Northumberland Elizabeth Turnbull sister George Turnbull 800 and Easington Grange Elizabeth Turnbull sister & wife of George Turnbull 1876/11/28 1877/03/9 Morpeth
34 Mary Tyzack of Sowerby House near Thirsk Sarah Spence Tyzack, sister in law and wife of Samuel Tyzack William Thackray & Sarah Spence Tyzack £10,000 Tulloch,Thackray, Branfoot, Smith, Johnstone, Turnbull, Marrifat, Happer, Yates, McFarlan, 1877/06/14 . York
35 William Sheffield, Abbeydale House William Alexander father William Alexander sureties John Sutton & James Veall £5,000 William Tyzack father who left some of it unadministered 1877/07/05 1878/10/14 Wakfield
36 Moses John Tyzack Jeweller Birminham Maria wife, Maria £200 Maria 1879/06/8 1879/10/7 Warwick
37 John Rawmarsh York Eliza Tyzack wife John Henry Ainley friend, John Newsum Baxter and William Tyzack Baxter both grandsons £500 Eliza Tyzack wife, John Newsum(really Newsome) Baxter and William Tyzack Baxter, Florence Eliza Baxter 1879/03/26 1880/11/13 Rawmarsh
38 Eliza Sheffield Benjamin Tyzack husband Benjamin Tyzack got admin. Market Gardener £187 of Sheffield Benjamin Tyzack . 1881/09/28 Sheffield
39 Margaret Liverpool William Leadbitter Tyzack husband Margaret Eleanor Tyzack dau, £45+16 houses & shop Margaret Eleanor Tyzack dau, Mary Christian Robbins dau, William Tyzack Hughes John George Leadbitter Hughes Mary Josephine Casson Hughes all three grandchildren 1885/04/21 1885/06/26 Lancashire
40 Mary Tyzack Ecclesall Joshua Tyzack brother, Anne Tyzack niece, William brother, Joshua brother, Frederick Sibray brother & silver plate manufacturer Items Anne, Joshua Tyzack, Sarah Ann Sibray . 1887/02/16 Sheffield
41 Joshua Merchant and Manufacturer Abbeydale Lucy Jane Parbury & Adeline Sophia Tyzack Jane wife, Joshua son £32,454 and properties with addresses Lucy Jane Parbury & Adeline Sophia Tyzack daughters, Jane wife, Joshua son, John , Isiaih, Caroline, George, Benjamin, and Eliza all Tyzacks and first cousins, 1887/03/14 1887/04/18 Sheffield
42 Mark Tyzack diesinker Sheffield Joseph Wood Tyzack son, Elizabeth wife, Francis, Henry Abraham, Mark Royle and William Edward sons, Elizabeth wife, Francis, Henry Abraham, sons 6300 and various properties Elizabeth, Francis, Mark Royle, Henry Abraham, William Edward, by codicil John Wood Tyzack son . 1887/09/10 Sheffield
43 William Tyzack Sheffield, Abbeydale House Maria wife, Walter son, Stuart son, Frederick son, Percy son, Ellen daughter, Jessie daughter, Annie deceased daughter, Percy Barnsley grandson, Maria wife, Walter son, Arthur Jackson £28,077 of Abbeydale Maria, Walter, Stuart, Frederick, Percy, Ellen, Jessie, Annie, Percy Barnsley, 1889/02/24 1889/04/16 Sheffield
44 William Alexander Tyzack Sheffield Elizabeth Ann wife, son William. Elizabeth Ann wife, son William, Reginald Benson £52,440 of Sheffield Elizabeth Ann, William, Miss Rundle, Ebenezer Bernard, Bernard Ebenezer, John Stanley 1889/12/22 1890/03/26 Sheffield
45 Joseph Westoe Durham Elizabeth Weetman Hosie of Tyzack's Buildings Commercial Rd. daughter Elizabeth Hosie £63 Elizabeth Weetman Hosie wife of George Hosie shipwright 1890/01/3 1890/08/7 Durham
46 Wilfred Medomsley Dipton Durham Elizabeth Tyzack widow William Foggin George Burnett who renamed probate Elizabeth residuary Legatee £1674 of South Medomsley Elizabeth Tyzack of South Medomsley surety Hannah Brown 1890/07/25 1890/10/28 Durham
47 Isabella Annie Formosa and Devon David Tyzack of Kelung Island Formosa husband David Tyzack £417 of David Tyzack (Witnesses Jethro Longridge Durham and John Robson of Formosa ) 1890/12/23 1891/04/27 Newcastle
48 Joseph Southport and previously Sheffield Thomas Tyzack son Thomas Tyzack son Unknown Thomas (Joseph was second son of Samuel and Harriet) . 1891/07/16 Lancashire
49 George Sawsmith Sheffield Benjamin Tyzack of Lincoln brother Benjamin Tyzack £46 Benjamin Tyzack 1892/01/7 1892/02/11 Sheffield
50 Henry Ebenezer Tyzack De Beauvoir Town Middlesex   Reginald g. Mathias, Herbert Romer   Charlotte Gladwin, Sydney Reuben youngest son . 1897/10/20 London
51 Mark Royle Tyzack diesinker Sheffield   Ellen wife John Thomas Styring and John William Hackfath Smith Unknown Ellen income and in trust for children . 1897/11/20 Sheffield
52 George Sabbas of Birtley Benjamin Cowle Tyzack was his son, Benjamin his father executrix daughter Ceclia Tyzack > £650 Cecilia dau., Thomas William Wilkinson, James Rooney (Very Rev.), George Edward Howe (Rev.), Sister Eleanor Cooke, Benjamin Cowle Tyzack son, 1898/05/05 . Durham
53 George Tyzack Newcastle Jane Tyzack wife Jane Tyzack wife of Newcastle Jane Tyzack . 1899/02/27 Newcastle
54 William of Chester-le-Street William Robert Tyzack son William Robert Tyzack son £118 William Robert Tyzackson & hairdresser 1899/04/17at Lunatic Asylum 1899/07/20 Durham
55 Jane Tyzack Wood Lodge Abbeydal Sheffield Joshua Tyzack husband Joshua son Items Joshua, Lucy Jane Parbury, Adeline Sophia Hudd . 1900/04/11 Sheffield
56 William Sheffield, Abbeydale House Walter Tyzack sureties Percy Tyzack & Alfred Ernest Maxfield solicitor Walter Tyzack £150 unadministered Walter Tyzack executor of the will of the father William 1877/07/05 1900/08/29 Sheffield
57 Sarah Spence Tyzack of Cheltenham widow of Samuel Tyzack (27) Samuel Tyzack, William Branfoot, William Jopling Branfoot, & Scott Gunn Lots value unknown LOTS OF NAMES various Longbridges, Spittalls, Knox, Grier, Fletcher, Cottrell, Wood, Clayhitts, Robson, Wilson, George Andrew,   1903/01/10 Gloucester
58 Ebenezer Bernard Tyzack Sheffield Lilian wife, Elizabeth Ann mother, John Stanley brother. Lilian wife, Elizabeth Ann mother, John Stanley brother, Reginald Benson. at least £20,000 and property Lilian, Elizabeth Ann, John Stanley, William Tyzack brother witnesses included Benjamin Burdekin, James William Gould 1903/01/29 Wakfield
59/FONT> William Valentine Hairdresser Norwich Rebecca Mary Tyzack spinster and niece Rebecca Mary Tyzack £19 Rebecca Mary Tyzack surety Louisa Fenn 1887/02/6 1903/05/22nd Norwich
60 Mary Ann Tyzack Haywards Heath Sussex Samuel Tyzack husband & Colliery owner Husband £1,430 Samuel Tyzack colliery owner . 1903/06/20 Lewes
61 Samuel Tyzack Shoreditch   Emily wife, Horace son, Henry Dunkley Carter son in law Properties and >£1000 Emily wife, Sarah Alice Craddock dau, Edgar son, horace, Emily, Arthur, Oscar children, Florence Shuttleworth wife's niece, Sidney son, . 1903/08/29 London
62 Sarah Sheffield Bernard Cook nephew, Annie Rowe niece James Fieldsend Unknown but small Bernard Cook & Annie Rowe . 1907/02/02 Sheffield
63 William Tyzack of Rangoon Henry Frederick Tyzack son Henry Frederick Tyzack son £33 Henry Frederick Tyzack foreman engineer of Hebburn on Tyne 1884/05/26 1907/08/24th .
64 Eleanor Nancy Tyzack of Rangoon Henry Frederick Tyzack son Henry Frederick Tyzack son . Henry Frederick Tyzack foreman engineer of Hebburn on Tyne administrator of William Tyzack 1877/11/25 1907/12/14th .
65 Francis Tyzack Sharrow, Sheffield Ellen wife , Henry James son & Elizabeth Ellen daughter   . Ellen , Henry James & Elizabeth Ellen . 1908/10/15 Sheffield
66 Joseph Tysick Bathurst, Canada Margaret née Cairncross wife & Robert Witnesses Charles Judge, George O'Brien, John McKay   Cattle use of Bathurst Twp, Co Lanark - Concession 5, Lot 8, Deed 30 Oct 1821, 100 Acres Wife in lifetime then Robert son 1853 1853 Bathurst
67 Timothy Tyzacke Gatesyde, County Durham Tymothy Tizacke son ; George Tizacke son; sisters Prudence Smith, Elizabeth Langley, Isabell Westwood ; maid Anne Roome Trustees William Aubone Mayor, George Morton Alderman; Tenant right to Glass House @ Holden Panns, £500, several sums £10 Glasshouse to Eldest Tymothy, £500, bed and all linen to George, £10's to sisters, £5 to Maid Wife Elizabeth died 13th October 1659 he died 6th Feb 1684 1684 Newcastle
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