The man who changed his name to TYZACK!

There is a branch of the family who lived in Hebron who left interesting traces but who have not been much researched.

(Of course if you have information and know differently please email me on   don@tyzack.net   )

I have several items which relate to this group:

  Pedigree from 1663

  Notes on the Hebburn Pedigree

  Story of the name change

  Elizabeth's handiwork

  Isabel's tapestry

  Sampler's sewer

The first item above is a pedigree which I found years ago when I trawled through some old dusty archives in the Newcastle Central Library.

The second relates to the Howden Pans glassworks.

The third is a story which also came to light from the Central Library and was kindly sent to me by the then Librarian Shirley Lenderyou, she by then knew of my interest. It is an interesting comment on a practice of the earlier centuries of keeping the name of the family alive. According to the College of Arms, a Royal Licence is usually granted, on the advice of the Home Secretary, where the petitioner is required by a clause in a will to assume the name and arms of the testator, in order to inherit a legacy!

The fourth item came to me like a bolt from the blue from Meg Greenwood in OKLAHOMA! She has kindly given me permission to publish it. She sent me a copy of the information on the Sampler, which she had just bought and wondered to whom the names and initials referred. Between us we deciphered the neat stitching: JT in brown may be Jane Caroline Tyzack, IS in yellow is probably Isabella, who later married Edward Davison, ET in Brown on the same line is their sister Elizabeth. The ET right at the end is almost certainly the sewer Elizabeth but it could be one of two. The deaths recorded tie in with the pedigree.

The fifth item above is a tapestry by Isabela sent to me by Simon Lewis, a descendant.

The sixth item above is a photograph of Elizabeth who most likely stitched the sampler.
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