owl jokes

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owl jokes 

No. 1

Why couldn't the owl see when he went to live in a monastery?

Because of the cowl!
No. 2

What do you call an Owl with a low voice?

A Growl!
No. 3

Owl searching for prey is?

On the prowl!
No. 4

What happens if an owl is taught by a wolf?

It learns to howl!
No. 5

What do you get when you put a bee in front of an owl?

A bowl!
No. 6

What happens if an owl doesn't wash?

It smells fowl!

What does an owl get when it carries its mice in its cheeks?

A jowl!
No. 8

What does an Owl with an attitude have?

A Scowl!
No. 9

How do you tell the difference between an owl and a lorry?

Lorries are not allowed to hoot at night!!
No. 10

What does an owl need after his bath?

A t-owl!
No. 11

What happened to my mixed up owl?

It came out low!
No. 12

Why does the owl call OOOO?

Because its a vowl!
No. 13

What do you get when you turn an owl into a small wood?

A dowl! or a dowel ah well.........
No. 14

What did the naughty little owl do when he got a spanking?

He went off 'owling!!!.........
No. 15

What happened to the owl who fell in the well?

It got wet!!!.........

He keeps incognito